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– What I am trying to do here?

Simply share my ideas and my passions, hopefully in an alternative way, and get other people to share theirs. So we will both learn something new!

– Am I earning the big bucks on this blog? Will I try to sell you something, now or in the future?

Are you serious? In the moment I earn one single Euro with this blog, in the European Social democratic economic system I am considered an evil entrepreneur, or worse, even a freelance! Plus, obviously as a finance guy it is not a good idea and definitely not professional to moonlight without asking to your employer first.

So, for the time being, my promises are:

a) no Google ads and no advertising in general (like banners). Why? Because I do not like seeing all that stuff on other Websites and blogs: so I will not put that on mine.

b) no affiliated sales on commission nor special Memberships sales.

c) anything done here is at present time absolutely volunteer-based and not monetized. Oh, and no sponsored posts.

The only disclaimer is that I may now and then give some advice for a good book to read- whether you buy it and on which platform or bookshop, the decision is yours. Moreover, if I refer to any specific software or service or individual companies, you can be sure that I did not receive a dime for it.

– So why am I doing this?

Because I love Finance. And I always liked writing. So I thought it would be a good idea putting both things together.

Actually, after reading these lines, any sane blogger would laugh back at my face for financing this craziness directly out of my pocket. Probably they are right, but I got laughed at so many times in my life that being laughed at once more makes no difference.

So, it is you, me, and what is written on this blog. That’s it.

Will it stay like that in the future? This I cannot tell, but you can be sure that when something will change you will be the first to know.

Enjoy the ride!