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I am curious. I am an “incurable” optimist and love life. And I love finance. That’s the first things about me I want you to know. And these are the reason I am trying to help the companies I work in and the customers I work for to take the right decisions at the right moment. Because cutting costs is easy. Where most fail, and where I can help most, is about being a positive change agent, creating the right “cost conscious” environment and helping a company thrive and grow in a sustainable way.

My start in the professional jungle was in the legal area, driven again by the curiosity to know how human affairs are regulated. It was fun too, and liked it a lot, however in the end I switched to the magic world of finance after discovering my second love for numbers, and how all numbers flow from paper or screen to the real life (and they do!).

Up to now life was definitely not boring. Between one thing and another the events of life lead me to live or study in five different countries (Italy, Germany, Poland, China and UK) on two different continents, which meant a great deal in terms of adaptation, intercultural flexibility, fun and experience.

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Interests: Finance, Law, Cases management, Business Administration, Startups, Venture Capitalism

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